Lonyiek ,

Lonyiek ,
Laikipia,Nanyuki Kenya
For Sale From Ksh110,000 per acre 
RH-1160-property 80 acres

The EX – P & D/Luniek location lies North West of Nanyuki. The user of the land is Agriculture and the tenure is freehold. The parcels are set in blocks of either 30 or 50 acres per title.

This location can be accessed from either Nairobi or Nanyuki. From Nanyuki the road distance is approximately 120 km. 2. The journey begins in Nanyuki Town at about 6:00am on a Saturday morning.

Our journeys appetizer is the fantastic view of the towering Mount Kenya garnished with some distance orange rays from the yet to be enjoyed sunrise. We take the Doldol road and branch towards Mpala research.

The safari is smooth and interesting and turns to be a game drive. The landscape is overwhelming and a sight to always remember. The Journey through El Karama ranch, Mogwooni ranch, Mpala research and Sosian ranch takes about one hour to get us to the Rumuruti-Maralal road. This locations offers spectacular sunrise and sunset over the Laikipia plateau. The 50/30 acres of magical flat land are hidden from the bustles of the daily world, thus making this location a quiet & serene environment for a weekend getaway.

The investment area can be accessed from the Rumuruti-Maralal Road. They are surrounded by several conservancies i.e.

(a) Mugie conservancy (www.loisaba.com)

(b) Loisaba Conservancy It is a wild life resort with a Golf Course. It’s famous for star beds. ( www.mugie.org/)

The Rumuruti-Maralal road which is being tarmacked will open up this location to be one of the best tourism destinations in Kenya.

The EX – P & D/Luniek 50 acres parcel of land has mature vegetation which gives it a natural landscaping. The parcel is ideal for a medium sized retirement ranch.

The location is surrounded by tourism activities and thus provides ready clients for a dream hotel. For prospecting purposes the price is set to double within a short of time due to the private and public projects which are to be developed in the same neighborhood. The area is also suitable for a picturesque country home and can also double as a weekend mbuzi destination. This farmland has a lot of underground spring water and fertile soil, which can be good for agriculture/horticulture.

The location (P & D & Loniek) will also fully benefit with a dry port at Luniek through the LAPSSET Project, this includes road, rail, pipeline and fiber optic link. It is important to note that the Ethiopia – Kenya power interconnection route passes through the location.

Starting Price – Ksh 80,000/= Per Acre (subdivision can be allowed). User of the land – Agriculture Tenure – Freehold

Additional Details

  • Land Tenure: Freehold
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